Introducing The Fish's Brain
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Welcome, as it were, to the newest incarnation of the Fish's Brain. This is an ongoing project, hence the "latest incarnation" bit, and not a traditional blog as the world has come to know of them. It is more of an experiment at digital information archiving of, as I said, my brain.

Let's start with the concept, very in vogue in contemporary media, of memetics.  Go check the wiki page if you want the nitty gritty of what a meme is, but for the purposes of this discussion I'm referring to an idea in competition with all other ideas a person runs across over the course of their day.  And we live in a media-flooded world in which every thing and every one are fighting to get your attention. The mind is an engine designed to observe, asess and retain the most worthwhile information, and along the way alot of ideas fall by the wayside or just don't get the time they need devoted to them.

Hence this, my little extra brain-space outside of my meaty, fickle, ever-changing storage device that god gave me.  My brain used to be a notebook, but after six different hard copy incarnations got pilfered (not that I think anyone really wanted a chunk my brain, people just really like to steal bright shiny objects and the notebooks near them,) I've hopped to an digital volume for archiving those ideas, in the hope it will be more easily repeatable and sharable.

So, this is a blog, in as much as it is my space to communicate those things that I am arrogant enough to think others may some day read, but more it is a tool for me to communicate with myself over extended time. As such you will note a section of thoughts and perceptions and reactions to the world, but you probably won't find much of vale there, as it's just me talking to myself. Notes for a later time. You'll find a diary of the struggle for survival, and you'll find snippets from my work, or stolen shiny objects I found wandering about my day. Good luck finding your way about...

Friday, April 20 2007, 11:46 PM


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