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Was watching an episode of the public television series "The Human Face" and was struck by a child psychologist speaking about her... clients??... painting the faces of her parents. None of that setup really matters though...

Now what I was really noting was that she had these kids painting on plexiglass canvases. I'm simply watching this, speculating as to why one would ask these four year olds to slap paint on a transparent canvas... perhaps it has something to do with better associating a figure in empty space as opposed to on a big white sheet of paper. Perhaps it's so the psychologist can see what they are painting from her desk at the front of the room...

Perhaps, and I actually BELIEVE this idea, a big plexiglass sheet is easier to clean or simply less messy than floppy fingerpainted paper.

But as I am watching this, and supposing the different reasons why they would be painting on a plexiglass canvas, my brain hit upon that first theory. One could, conceivably, create some very interesting portraiture with unique backgrounds to the portrait by doing so on a clear canvas, and installing them in interesting ways.

Now, I've thought about plexi as canvas before, but that was more for the interesting layered effects that one may achieve using the transparency of the canvas. The truly transparent nature and depth of background that can also be achieved by leaving portions of that canvas blank never occured to me previously. The difficulty of actually painting a portrait in reverse (as one must make the layer against the canvas as detailed as the one facing away from the canvas.)

Yet I would be fascinated to try something like this. Strictly just a note for my long-term storage.

Saturday, January 26 2008, 04:38 AM


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