Touchscreen shackles
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Often, when speaking with clients or potential clients, it comes up that I am inherently a luddite. You see, though I advise on the use of modern tech, and sell services of modern connectivity, I actually have not drunk the koolaid of modern technology. I often wonder at the fact that, if the amazing modern interconnectivity that technology has brought us is so revolutionary, why are we a slave to our apps, as opposed to them serving us.

For those of you who know me lately, you know I refuse to participate in the technological arms race that modern manufacturers draw us in to. I hate first generation technology, and frankly the development curve ensures that all gadgets are first generation. First generation technology is buggy, hard to work with, and you often find yourself on the wrong side of a format war (those who bough beta decks or more recently blu-ray understand that burn.) and so, though I often advise my clients in best practice, I choose to live my own life with 5 year old technology.

Yes, I'm rambling. But to get to a point, the core of this post is to communicate that technology is greedy. One gets an iPhone to aid in communication with the world, but when does it stop being a tool and begin being an obsession. Can you ignore that chime from your pocket indicating that someone ha sent you an SMS?

now, I accept and appreciate the thoughts of noted futurist Ray Kutrzwiel, and I above all have worked towards the day of wearable, fully portable personal computers, but as a child of the computing age, I would also like to register my objection towards the ever-growing technological takeover of society.

e-readers, requiring the use of batteries, will never make the printed page obsolete

One should, without guilt, be able to ignore SMS's, text messages, and chat messages. Instant communication is a tool, not a neccesity

A device can and should be tailored to a specific use. A dedicated camera will always be preferrable to a camera phone. The greed of technology to adapt all functions into a single device will give a widget that does all things, and nothing well.

I'm going to cut short a potentially long manifesto here. I invite anyone who cares to to open a debate with an educated ludditte. I may not be more l33t than thou art, but I may see a sociological rift coming that raw innovation will author, and I want to play the devil's advocate...

Tuesday, June 22 2010, 09:28 AM


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